Bitcoin Will Become a Safe Haven Long Term, Blockchain Capital’s Bogart Says

Aug.20 — Spewncer Bogart, Blockchain Capital general partner, and Bloomberg Intelligence’s Mike McGlone discuss the landscape for cryptocurrencies with Bloomberg’s Emily Chang on “Bloomberg Technology.”


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12 Thoughts to “Bitcoin Will Become a Safe Haven Long Term, Blockchain Capital’s Bogart Says”

  1. How many bitcoin have been lost and can never be found? The creator of bitcoin is rumored to have lost $10 billion worth of bitcoin by himself.

  2. people should do their own research instead of listening to these dumbasses

  3. Post more content related to cryptocurrencies/Bitcoin.

  4. Fiat currencies are volatile not Bitcoin. Growth in adoption is daily. It's more dangerous not to hold Bitcoin. The new financial markets are on the Blockchain and the king is Bitcoin. Those who hate Bitcoin now will hate it more when they see it grow to value that will make Bitcoin adopters setup for life.

  5. ₿itcoin + Gold > Military Police State Paper

  6. Military Police State Paper is for goat rapists that like to nuke sand kids for a penny off oil.

  7. Gold supply is far from finite, deep sea, off world etc, BTC IS finite at only 21m with an estimated 6m lost already.

  8. "…a little bit higher". He is do humble. Bitcoin will hit new ATH after Halving. Have a good day. BD.

  9. SAL

    What's great about Bitcoin is that everyone who has lost any means that the value of everyone else's bitcoin holdings goes up! Simple supply and demand economics will ensure bitcoin becomes the ultimate sound money!


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