‘HODL,’ ‘Whale’ And Other Cryptocurrency Slang Terms Explained | CNBC

Cryptocurrency investors use a variety of terms. Bitcoin enthusiast Peter Saddington explains what some of them mean.
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‘HODL,’ ‘Whale’ And Other Cryptocurrency Slang Terms Explained | CNBC


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19 Thoughts to “‘HODL,’ ‘Whale’ And Other Cryptocurrency Slang Terms Explained | CNBC

  1. Waaaaasuuuup Peta you are on cnbc

  2. JFC! The genesis of "Hodl"is not a guy spelling the word wrong. It is a Game of Thrones reference to the character Hodor who's name is a contraction of "Hold (the) Door"… Get your memes right to rass… Bumboclaat eediots.

  3. HODL her down and pump & dump electroneum in her.

  4. Yes institutional investors want BTC…..

  5. Im down from lambo to nissan micra

  6. Hodl ethereum classic (etc)? No thanks. Hodl ethereum (eth) yes please.

  7. I don't know if the translation is accurate or not, but it is funny.
    Russian boy and his crypto.

  8. jesus this kids on cnbc now what joke lol, get trevon james while ur at it

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  10. "how do you do fellow kids"-CNBC

  11. Most legitimate guy they’ve had on CNBC yet! ✊🏾

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  13. Peter is on CNBC WOOT!!!

  14. Didn't red flags go up when he said that within this community they actively pump and dump? This means that they know that they are scamming and that is exactly why this market 1) exists in the first place, 2) has such volatility, and 3) is going to crash to zero eventually. It's all a puff of colored smoke that will disappear into thin air. These investors/ promoters are scammers!

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