Warren Buffett: Bitcoin Is An Asset That Creates Nothing | CNBC

Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett speaks to CNBC’s Becky Quick about what he thinks about bitcoin and the cryptocurrency markets.
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Warren Buffett: Bitcoin Is An Asset That Creates Nothing | CNBC


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31 Thoughts to “Warren Buffett: Bitcoin Is An Asset That Creates Nothing | CNBC

  1. People here sound like commies in full hype back in 30's wanting to overthrow bourgeoisie by Bitcoins

  2. He's gotta stop comparing bitcoin to things that r actually useful. Sea shells, rat poison, shark teeth, tulip, and turd have value.

  3. Hammer and nail= central banking and bitcoin=the screw. They're hammering the screw and complaining that it doesn't make a good nail.

  4. what about ETH or NEO or other platform based cyrptos that allow people to CREATE DAPPS on wich could create real life answers in the world.

  5. Didn’t WB also talk down on FB and other social media/tech stocks?

  6. Goldman Sachs and NASDAQ have some interest in it

  7. love Warren but he doesnt understand BTC

  8. It's called Diversification. If you put 5% of your portfolio in Bitcoin, I think that's just fine. Bitcoin has done pretty well over the last 5 years. Warren won't buy what Warren does not understand. And that's just fine as well.

  9. If Bitcoin were rat poison I would send him a dozen of them.

  10. No one expect him to say any different being biggest share holder of falling wells Fargo and bank of america. but echoing what he say like it mean something or has any truth, knowing the fact don't change makes you look foolish.time will tell. what's bank productive asset? if you don't mine me asking. when BRK.A stack go from 330000 to 290000 in the last 2 month you come out and say some ridiculous thing written by some one. he just repeat his talking point word by word. i hope he has good reasons for saying things like this or he don't know. history will not be nice to him.

  11. i think i see what he is doing,who listen to him the wealthy, if he say any positive about btc just one of his kind can buy the entire btc liquidity. he is doing us a fever making his kind not to get in yet.if you poor like me just get some btc and go back to work.

  12. It creates something every 10 mins, it's called a block and in that block is all the transactions approved in said block and a reward to the miners for mining said block and in turn securing the network.

  13. You shouldn't be comparing farming and bitcoin, you should be comparing farming and mining. Both are property both take in resources to produce a product in farming it's measured in corn, in mining its bitcoin. What a stupid arguement.

  14. Warren Buffet.

    We see him as the old person that doesn't know how to turn on a computer and always needs help to read their email.

  15. You mean someone who's entire paper wealth is tied up in the traditional financial system and who needed to get bailed out by the government in the last financial crisis doesn't like an alternative to the current rigged system? He loves Wells Fargo committing fraud on all of it customers but hey no TURDS there! All the old money is really losing their minds.

  16. For all the sheep, BUFFET has littarly 70% of his cash in bank bonds etc…HE CANT SAY CRYPTO IS AMAZING or else he will loose a lot of his own money and his friends money. BUY BITCOIN its here to stay !!!! A NEW AND BETTER SYSTEM.

  17. I wonder why Buffet is so against crypto. It's not like he owns billions on billions of dollars worth of the banking and credit industries, right? And it's not like he has a lot of paper fiat money to protect?

  18. There is no way an ordinary person can know what their doing with Bitcoin. There is a million crypto exchanges to choose from and a million wallets to choose from. It's too complicated. Bitcoin will end badly.

  19. Those who like Bitcoin will be boycotting Apple for now on. Warren should keep his mouth shut.

  20. A lot of people's emotions seem to be hurt by Warren Buffett's perspective on BitCoin, and unfortunately many among this group are dismissive of said opinion using age-based ad-hominem rhetoric. Buffett is, however, correct: BitCoin's price is founded upon speculation — just as are those of collectibles and commodities. There is nothing wrong with this, however, ultimately, BitCoin, similar to gold, does not create anything of tangible use to others; if it, or some other crypto-currency, comes to common use as a medium of exchange, then very well; at present, though, on May the 7th, of 2018, Eastern Time, I do not foresee this happening — at least not in the proximal future.

  21. "Creates nothing," that's plain rubbish. Old Warren may not like it, but that doesn't prevent him from saying pure nonsense.

  22. Before Christ? Wtf if Jesus knew about bitcoin I doubt he woulda been crucified bc he woulda whipped his lambo all the way to Jerusalem

  23. its like asking ya grandad about the internet in the 90s …

  24. What i see here is still "fiction". Humans are different from every other animals because we like to deal in 'fiction' paper fiat money, paper cheques, paper contracts, paper bills… and we believe and trust these fiction currencies, assets, real estates… Bitcoin isn't any different mac, it has it's place. Bitcoin is as real as we're human. Namaste

  25. He missed apple, Facebook, Amazon, and he will miss Bitcoin too

  26. Funny how he says Bitcoin does not produce anything. Well..Bitcoin produces a bank free environment. That is good enough for me.

  27. Glad the comments are disabled.. 😒

  28. wow he didnt believe in the internet either lol

  29. what dollars create is what bitcoin creates……..

  30. Keep in mind, Warren was wrong about Google and Amazon.

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